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Supporting mission personnel and humanitarian workers worldwide


We provide psychological therapy as required for a range of difficulties, including...
  • depression
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • other anxiety disorders
  • eating disorders
  • burnout
  • dealing with stress
  • anger problems
  • marital problems
  • relationship issues
  • children and teenagers' emotional and behavioural problems and family difficulties.

  • Our therapeutic approach

    We generally use cognitive behavioural therapy where this is appropriate, integrated with faith perspectives when that is helpful.

    Therapy with children and families may be more behavioural or eclectic.

    When we offer therapy

  • In the UK, good psychotherapy is usually available locally and free of charge through the National Health Service.
  • We generally offer therapy in circumstances where local services are felt not to be available or suitable, or the waiting time is too long to be practical.
  • Even then, sometimes a single session with us is sufficient, and we may suggest ways to access further help if needed.
  • If people do need further help from us, we are able to offer further sessions to people who can travel to our base near Nottingham, or by phone, Skype, Zoom or other remote platforms.

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    We ask prospective individual clients to read how we work.


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