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Supporting mission personnel and humanitarian workers worldwide

Reviews & Debriefing

Confidential debriefing

  • We provide reviews for people who have returned from an assignment, and during home assignment.
  • Usually this takes the form of a three-hour confidential face-to-face debriefing.
  • We debrief individuals, couples, families and groups following routine assignments, and also where there have been critical incidents. See costs.
  • Review with report

  • Some agencies ask us to conduct a mid-term review with recommendations to the person and the agency about difficulties and ways to make progress.
  • We offer a three-hour session with a report. See costs.
  • Debriefing on the field

  • For workers unable to come for a face-to-face debriefing, we can offer debriefing by phone or Skype.
  • This is usually a one to two hour session with a brief follow-up email. See costs.

  • We ask prospective individual clients to read how we work.

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