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Legal Stuff

Third party websites and services

This website contains links to third party websites and services. We aim to choose third party links carefully because we consider that they may be of use to users of this website. However, we are not responsible for the content of any third party websites or services. We give no guarantee of the quality of service offered by third party providers whose details are given on this website. We shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from accessing third party websites or services.

The third party links included here are not exhaustive. Inclusion of information about a third party service on this website does not constitute a recommendation to use it, and omission of any equivalent third party service does not indicate a recommendation not to use it.


The content of this website is copyright of Debbie Hawker unless otherwise stated. You may copy material from this website provided you acknowledge Debbie Hawker as copyright holder.


Both the use of this website and work of ARREST are governed by the laws of England and Wales. The work of ARREST includes psychological services provided in a contract or otherwise by either Dr Debbie Hawker or Dr David Hawker. Online psychological services provided by ARREST take place in the territory where the provider is at the time of providing the service, regardless of the territory where the client accesses the service.

Data protection law

See here for details of our compliance with data protection law.

Legal status

ARREST is a description of the psychological services offered by Drs Debbie and David Hawker, with common working practices and charging structures, as described on the ARREST website. ARREST is neither a business partnership nor a legal entity. Dr Debbie Hawker and Dr David Hawker are both sole traders. Each holds professional liability insurance as a psychologist and is individually responsible for their own clinical work with clients. Though joint data controllers for data protection purposes, they do not jointly share responsibility for clinical work or other business practices.

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