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Supporting mission personnel and humanitarian workers worldwide


From August 2023, our standard fees for mission and humanitarian workers supported by an agency or church* are


3 hours, assessment and report: £200 for an individual; £250 for a couple.

Reviews & debriefing

Debriefing 3 hours with follow-up email £150.

Mid-term reviews 3 hours with report £180 for an individual; £225 for a couple.

Remote debriefing £55 per hour, with time spent on follow-up contacts free for the first 15 minutes & £55 an hour thereafter.


See retreat provider or contact us.

Education & training

Negotiable, or determined by training provider (contact us).

Supervision & mentoring

£60 per hour.


£55 per hour.

Children and families

For children and families of mission and humanitarian workers: £150 for up to 3 hours of assessment, debriefing, or review during home assignment, or £300 if two clinicians are involved. We charge fees based on £55 per hour for shorter appointments or therapy.

There may be some funding available for counseling TCKs from OSCAR (scroll to "Funding for TCK Counselling").


We reserve the right to charge a fee of our choice, based on our charging structure, for time spent responding to contacts through email or other media, and for other work which does not fit into our normal categories. Where more than one of us is involved in the appointment, we will usually charge double.

* Funding

Our services are offered at heavily discounted rates for mission and humanitarian workers. Costs for assessment, reviews, therapy, and supervision are usually paid by the agency or church. If an individual is paying and cannot afford our fees, we may be able to offer a reduction or waive the fee. If you are unable to pay, please contact us to discuss.

Services for people who are not mission or humanitarian workers

In exceptional circumstances we offer services to individuals who are not involved in mission or humanitarian work, for which we may charge fees at or closer to the market rate. Please contact us to discuss.

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