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Supporting mission personnel and humanitarian workers worldwide

What is a clinical psychologist?

  • We are clinical psychologists, professionals who have basic training in psychology and a specialist training in applying psychology in healthcare settings.
  • We are trained very broadly as scientist-practitioners to offer interventions which improve people's lives.
  • Interventions we are trained in include assessment, therapy, training, supervision, and research. We work with individuals, couples, families, groups, organisations, and systems.
  • In the UK, clinical psychology services have traditionally been available free of charge through the National Health Service. Humanitarian and mission workers often work in places or circumstances which limit their access to clinical psychologists.
  • We aim to offer a full range of clinical psychology services to humanitarian and mission workers who are not otherwise in a position to gain access to clinical psychology.
  • To read more about clinical psychologists on the British Psychological Society's website, click here
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